Successfully Advertising Your International Business Opportunity

November 21, 2019 Blog

Although pop up and banner ads get a lot of negative press, the truth is that they work. Let’s face it, too; they can end up being seen by millions of people if you advertise your international business opportunity in the right places.

Though “pay per click” (PPC) options are a better deal for you as an advertiser, don’t rule out other online advertisement options. Just make sure, though, that your pop up or banner ad has a professional tone; it’s tough to sell others on your international business opportunity if it seems amateurish.

Print Media

Print media (such as that which is found in magazines and newspapers) may seem old-fashioned or even “quaint”, but it absolutely can help you find investors and/or franchisees for your international business opportunity! And you don’t have to take out a 4-color, full-page spread to profit, either.

Many international business opportunity sellers advertise their organizations in the classified section of large papers (or papers with diverse global audiences) or magazines. Though these ads might be small in format, they can bring in decent amounts of income if placed in the right print product.

Email Messages

Everyone dreads spam, but LEGITIMATE email advertising can be incredibly profitable, especially when you want to spread the word about an international business opportunity!

The key is to make sure that you use email lists of prospective customers that are actually going to work for you. Many vendors now sell such lists for a fee (the exact amount will vary depending on usage limitations). Typically, if you buy them elsewhere, you’ll want to receive verification that the emails have been scrubbed and that you won’t spend eternity cleaning returned messages from your in-box.

Press Releases

There are actually some online sites that accept press releases from companies such as yours. So if you have an international business opportunity, you may want to formulate a press release to send to national sites. You can even go so far as to send it to business magazines and newspapers, though they are rather “hit or miss,” especially if your international business opportunity is just getting off the ground.

Remember – if you have an international business opportunity to trumpet to people around the earth, there are plenty of ways to get noticed. Just make sure that all the ones you use are targeted, creative, and on the up-and-up, and you’ll start to see results in no time.

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